Warrior shows students how to stop "Active Shooter"

Posted: Feb 16, 2013 5:59 PM by Sean Mooney
Updated: Feb 16, 2013 6:01 PM
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Tucson- "Active Shooter" is the term used by law enforcement to identify an individual actively killing or attempting to kill people. Unfortunately schools have been a popular target.

But one man in Tucson says if teachers and students were better prepared, countless lives could be saved and he's teaching a class to show them how.

Jeff Prather spent 25 years as a federal law enforcement, military and intelligence officer. He has trained tens of thousands of military personnel and civilians in defensive tactics. He is simply a very dangerous weapon and one of the good guys. After the latest shooting in Connecticut he had seen enough, "I wanted to do something for the community to solve the problem so I put this free seminar together for highschool teachers and students about how they could stop an active shooter."

The seminar is called SAS, Stop Active Shooter. Prather says there are two kinds of people, "sheople", those who follow the pack and are victims and "sheep dogs" the ones who step up even when their life is at risk.

According to Prather, in a situation that involves an active shooter, the first two tactics are run and hide. But if an encounter with the shooter is unavoidable there are a number of ways to fight back. A fire extinguisher, shoes, books, anything to distract the shooter and as Prather adds, stop the attack, "We just don't sit there and get shot, we advance on the active shooter, occlude his vision, we distract him, we disarm him."

Those who attended the class included teachers, students and their parents. Donna Brett said attending the seminar is not about wanting her son to risk his life, "I'm not here to make him a hero, I am here to keep him safe and make sure that he has a plan and that he knows what to do to keep him alive, keep other people alive."

According to Prather, if escape is not possible, fighting back increases you chances for survival and the numbers back it up, "FBI statistics show, with violent crime, your chances of survival go way up if you fight back than if you are simply a victim".

Jeff Prather will be holding another SAS, Stop Active Shooter, seminar next Saturday from 9 am to 12 pm at his Warrior School, at 4500 E. Speedway, suite 56. For more information call 520-241-7690 or go to www.warriorschool.com to sign up.
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