Class content varies widely between the Japanese martial arts concept of kata (form) and henka (flow).  In the Entry Class the detailed fundamentals of handgun weaponcraft are emphasized until they become second nature.  Here the HMAC member learns best techniques, tactics and practices.

Handgun Martial Arts Training

Master Jeff Prather on the range teaching a hmac class
The Advanced Class is quite unique however in that the flow of the gun fight is emphasized.  Classes vary widely.  After January 8th in Tucson for example the Advanced Class spent months working on how to have stopped the Tucson shooter sooner had we been called that day.

These classes developed groundbreaking techniques in extreme close quarter shooting amidst a crowd of innocents.  As I write this manual we are now working through the Colorado shooting.  Advanced class members will learn, study and then shoot live, techniques, positions and scenarios they will find nowhere else. 
Master Jeff Prather

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