Is it safe? 
Absolutely, no one has ever been shot or seriously injured.

Is it legal. 
Completely. In fact an important part of the training is your legal responsibilities and legal as well as ethical and moral rules of engagement.

Do I need my own handgun? 
No.  You can use one of our plastic blue guns and holsters for free and rent one of our handguns for range use.

Is it only for guys? 
No, many of our most enthusiastic are ladies.

Do I need special clothes? 
No.  We train the way we might fight and in the everyday clothes  we would be wearing.

Do I need to be in great physical shape? 
No.  This is not a boot camp or gym environment.

What if I have never shot before? 

You are perfect candidate because you have no bad habits to unlearn.
Master Jeff Prather
Email: jeff@gunfightingsite.com

Come join the most modern and
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