HMAC instills patriotism and  responsibility via dojo like classes  training off range, on photo realistic, wall mounted targets utilizing plastic, rubber or unloaded and brightly flagged, cleared handguns to practice advanced techniques that pertain not to the square range and flat target , but the ever changing, 360 degree grim reality of the gunfight.  Handgun Martial Artists convene on range to practice these techniques in live fire quarterly for reality check and ranking.

There are two types of ongoing classes: Entry and Advanced.  These two types of classes are further subdivided into two types:  Range and Dojo.  Occasionally some dojo classes will actually be in a classroom. Hand Gun Training at it's finest!

About Hmac

gunfighting class with Master Jeffrey Prather
Jeffrey Prather gunfighting
Hand Gun Training as seen in SWAT magazine
Master Jeff Prather

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