Today American police, military, and citizen warriors carry equally lethal firearms, normally a primary and a backup. 

This is the modern equivalent of the samurai’s daisho, or two sword carry set.  So serendipitous are these traditions that the founder’s resheathing technique mirrors his handgun reload.

Note too that on 9-11 it was American citizens Todd Beamer and Jeremy Glick that were ready, willing and worthy to protect the good and oppose evil when Divine Providence called. 

On January 8th it was again citizen warriors that stopped the murdering rampage of the attempted assassination of Congresswoman Giffords.

Welcome to Handgun Martial Arts Center

Jeffrey Prather
Time after time it is the American Citizen whether military, police or civilian that stands up, steps into the breach, moves to the sound of the guns, and saves the sheep from the wolf.  We are the sheep dogs.  And because we are reacting and responding to danger, we will not have time to respond with anything other than the weapons we have on our person at the time.

That means a handgun.  Therefore we must be ready and worthy to perform the impossible when called.  We must be able to shoot to stop the next threat, slay the next dragon, but never, ever hit the innocent.  In the midst of the carnage and chaos, we must intercede between the good and evil, and use our handgun and skills to protect life and freedom.  We must be Handgun Martial Artists.

HMAC is the American martial art. Hand Gun Training at it's finest and found only from HMAC.

Master Jeff Prather

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